Foreword to the Impact Report

Moving forward digitally together – as people, as an organisation and as a society. For me, that is how I would sum up VodafoneZiggo’s role in a few words. And that is a role we are fulfilling with pride, confidence and ambition.

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The world around us

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, sustainability is more important than ever before and the coronavirus is still causing considerable upheaval around the world.

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About VodafoneZiggo

We are VodafoneZiggo. A leading technology company from the Netherlands that provides mobile connectivity and appealing entertainment services for private and business customers.

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The role we want to play

What do we regard as the role of VodafoneZiggo in our customers’ lives and within Dutch society? What value do we want to create for our stakeholders? We will provide the answers to those questions with our goal and our strategy.

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How we create value for our stakeholders

Making sure that the Netherlands remains connected. Never before was our essential role within Dutch society so clear as during the pandemic.

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Successful and robust

2021 was a successful year. Not only from an operational perspective – characterised by the excellent performance of our networks – but also from a financial viewpoint. In that regard, we achieved all of our objectives.

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Everything for a strong network

Working from home thanks to fast and secure internet in your home. Streaming films and series on your telephone.

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Innovative products and services

Nothing is more important to us than private and business customers who are happy with our products and services. They must be able to trust in them blindly day and night.

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Technological solutions for society

With our technology, we are helping society move forward. For example, we want to improve people’s lives and solve social challenges with our network, products and services.

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Our customers always come first

The best customer experience, that’s what we’re aiming for, with excellent products and services, but especially with superior service And that can always be improved.

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