Security – high ambitions and robust measures

It’s very simple. When it comes to security, we want to be the best in the class. We set this ambition for ourselves in 2021 and since then, we have been taking steps to achieve it, starting with robust measures that will bring our e-mail security up to the highest standard. 

Cyberattacks. That is a word that we’ve been coming across more often than we would like in the past few years. Ransomware, spyware, spoofing, worms, phishing and smishing – cybercrime is on the increase and is gaining ground as the rapid digitisation of our society progresses. And especially now that all of us have started working from home much more, are communicating digitally and are doing our shopping online. 


All of our customers must be able to rely on the fact that their data is 100% safe at VodafoneZiggo. That is why our security experts, which form our defence team, are working on a daily basis to combat all possible forms of internal and external fraud, improper use and criminality. How? By continually analysing products and services in order to identify security risks. By mounting digital defence walls against cybercrime. By working closely with government bodies and other telecom providers. And by increasing security awareness amongst our employees.   


Result 2021

Result 2020

% of new employees who have completed training module about the Code of Conduct concerning safety and security  



% of employees who have completed privacy e-learning  




For us, the bar is now higher than ever before. We have been working hard to ensure digital security for years, but in 2021, we set out some ambitions that are even more demanding. We want all of our customers to be able to send e-mails securely. That definitely isn’t as simple as it sounds, however. After all, 99 per cent of ransomware attacks begin with a link that is sent in an e-mail or message. This is how hackers are able to get in and take over your device or network environment. Around 1 out of 4 people are still clicking on links of that type. And around 1 out of 12 people supplies personal information on one of the pages that appear after clicking on such links.   

Privacy, cybercrime, big data – in terms of legislation and regulations, all kinds of challenges demand our attention. Awareness of these topics among the population, politicians and press is also increasing. It is a major responsibility to develop solutions for this.

Barbara de Ridder - Jongerden
Executive Director External & Legal Affairs


That’s why it’s time to take some robust measures. Starting with stricter security at the gate. E-mails and text messages that do not fulfil the security requirements will no longer be allowed through. And if something does go wrong, we can immediately isolate the infection from the rest of the network. To be precise: put it into quarantine. That is something that we do for private and business customers. In this way, we can help to prevent infections from spreading. 


And we are also going one step further. We offer multi-factor authentication to all of our customers, just like we have already implemented for our employees. As a customer, you can confirm your identity by means of a text message containing a security code, for example. Even if a hacker has obtained your log-in details, he still will not be able to access your account. This type of authentication does require some additional effort on the part of our customers, but we believe that security is always more important than convenience. The risks have simply become too great. That is why we are doing everything we can to ensure that our customers can still go online securely and confidently. 


We supply a complex mobile and fixed network that finds itself at the epicentre of a whirlwind of new developments. And at the same time, we are fulfilling all of our obligations with regard when it comes to protecting our customers and their data. That’s something we are proud of. But that doesn’t happen on its own. In our view, security is something that must be present in every fibre of our organisation, and that begins with what is known as the ‘tone at the top’. Since 2021, we have been conveying a clear message – cybersecurity is something that involves us all. We can only achieve those huge ambitions – the highest standard, the best of the class – if everyone plays their part. 

We’re also busy collaborating outside the walls of our company. We pool our expertise and experience with that of other players and are continually involved in discussions with government bodies, the judicial authorities, other parties within our sector and other sectors. The goal: to work together to develop a national approach towards cybercrime and the recording of cybercrime. This means that we’re not only defending the interests of our customers, but are working to achieve a secure society as well.