Whether it’s about people, society or the environment – responsibility is high on the agenda at VodafoneZiggo. You see that in the way we are working on sustainability and circularity. From refurbishing and recycling to the elimination of plastics – we are building on circular economy of the future with a broad programme of initiatives. And you see that in the way we purchase from our suppliers by applying increasingly stringent requirements with regard to privacy, security, health, the environment and terms and conditions of employment. As a result of the billions of euros we spend, we are contributing towards the transformation of entire chains.

Our sense of responsibility also manifests itself in the way we put safety first in our networks. We offer our customers the best coverage and a strong performance, of course, but in the meantime we remain well within all safety standards. And you see it in our organisation, in which we are continuously working on an open and inclusive culture. As a result of its clear codes of conduct and its ongoing ethical campaign, VodafoneZiggo continues to be an employer where everyone feels at home.