How we create value for our stakeholders

Making sure that the Netherlands remains connected. Never before was our essential role within Dutch society so clear as during the pandemic. We made it possible for millions of people to stay in contact with friends, family, colleagues, classmates and customers. This is a great example of how valuable we are in the eyes of our many stakeholders. 

In order to obtain an insight into how we create value, we make use of the value creation model. This is line with a cohesive form of reporting known as Integrated Reporting. The model shows what value we are creating, for whom and exactly how we are doing that. It clearly sets out what we need to go about operational activities (input), what we subsequently do with that (our business model) and what outcomes result from this and what impact they have on the environment and on society (output). The value creation model therefore shows us the very essence of our organisation at a glance. 


As an organisation, we make use of various forms of capital. One of the most important of those is our network. Without all of our transmitter masts, data centres, fiber nodes and underground cables, we would not be able to provide our customers with a network that provides nationwide coverage. Financial resources are also needed in order to continue making investments in our network, in our employees and in sustainable and innovative solutions.  
One of our crucial assets consists of our people themselves, as they are the ones who ensure that our strategy is being carried out. They are also the ones who contribute their expertise and experience to develop and improve our products and services. They make agreements with suppliers, carry out maintenance to our systems are in day-to-day contact with our customers.  
We also make use of natural resources, such as energy, water and raw materials for the development of our networks, our offices and the products we sell to our customers. Finally, we work closely with our social partners in order to make a value contribution towards society. 


Key aspects of the value creation model are our core activities and our strategy. Our strategy is geared towards the achievement of our goal: enjoyment and progress with every connection. We do this in accordance with our four strategic pillars

  • Fulfilling our customer promise

  • Digitisation

  • Creating fantastic products

  • Investing in the future

Our core activities therefore focus on supporting these strategic pillars and contributing towards our goal. Finally, the structure of our organisation is used as a means of controlling our internal and external risks and of ensuring that we act in an ethical way at all times. 


Our products, service and activities give rise to all manner of internal and external outcomes. For example, we make it possible for millions of people to make telephone calls and access the internet via a reliable and future-proof network. Our financial results enable us to continue investing in our network, in innovations and in our employees. Our output also includes our impact on the environment in the form of our CO2 emissions and waste streams. We are doing everything we can to ensure that both of those are reduced and to become a more sustainable organisation as a result.  
We are constantly renewing our range of products and services, in close collaboration with our customers. We achieve this by putting them first and by listening to their needs and expectations. Within our own organisation, we are working to create a diverse and inclusive working environment that is a reflection of society and enables everyone to feel safe and feel at home. Finally, we offer all of our customers and employees a secure and protected digital environment that safeguards their security and privacy. 


Our activities have an impact on society and we create economic, social and ecological value. In 2020, we formulated our corporate ambitions to be achieved by 2025. Our aim is to help two million people get ahead in society using our technology and to reduce our environmental impact by half. In addition, our People Plant Progress strategy focuses on the sustainable purchasing of services and products, equal opportunities within a digital society, technological solutions to problems that exist in society, a healthy environment and the ongoing development of a diverse and inclusive corporate culture. We have identified ambitions for each of those goals and have expressed our impact in the form of hard figures. By implementing this strategy, we are also helping to achieve the eight Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.