Everything for a strong network

Working from home thanks to fast and secure internet in your home. Streaming films and series on your telephone.

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Innovative products and services

Nothing is more important to us than private and business customers who are happy with our products and services. They must be able to trust in them blindly day and night.

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Technological solutions for society

With our technology, we are helping society move forward. For example, we want to improve people’s lives and solve social challenges with our network, products and services.

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Our customers always come first

The best customer experience, that’s what we’re aiming for, with excellent products and services, but especially with superior service And that can always be improved.

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From becoming digital to being digital

Two-and-a-half years ago, we laid the foundation of our digital transition. Today, we are switching from becoming digital to being digital. Our goal is clear: a perfect customer experience, forged from the best humankind and technology have to offer.

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Our network forms the basis of everything we do as VodafoneZiggo. A network that is high-quality, future-proof and sustainable. A network that links people together, especially in times when, or in places where, that’s not so self-evident.

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