Organisational structure

VodafoneZiggo is a joint venture of the Dutch divisions of Vodafone Group and Liberty Global, known respectively as Vodafone Netherlands and Ziggo. The parent companies are the shareholders of VodafoneZiggo and hold an equal stake of 50%. 

Management Board & Board of Directors

The board under the Articles of Association of VodafoneZiggo consists of the CEO and CFO, who are appointed by Vodafone Group and Liberty Global. In the case of the CEO and CFO, their period of appointment is not subject to an end date. Our Board of Directors supervises day-to-day management and is responsible for developing a long-term vision and for formulating the company’s business strategy. The Board of Directors consists of the CEO, the CFO and eight members of the management who represent the following business units:  

  • Strategy Insights & Integration

  • Business-to-Consumer

  • Business-to-Business

  • Customer Operations

  • Technology

  • Human Resources

  • External & Legal Affairs

  • Finance

  • Digital Transformation

The Board of Directors works closely with the Senior Management Team (SMT). This is a group of 65 experienced directors and senior managers, divided across the eight business units listed above. The Board of Directors and the SMT are in charge of the daily management of 6,900 internal and 434 external/temporary employees. 

Samenstelling directie

Jeroen Hoencamp (M, 1966) – CEO (director under the Articles of Association)
Jeroen Hoencamp has been the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since the start of VodafoneZiggo on 1 January 2017. Before that, he was the CEO of Vodafone Netherlands from September 2016 onwards. From 2013 to 2016, Jeroen was the CEO of Vodafone in the United Kingdom and CEO of Vodafone in Ireland from 2010 to 2012. Jeroen has worked at Vodafone since 1998 and has held various senior positions within the company. Earlier in his career, he held various senior marketing and sales roles at Canon Southern Copy Machines, Inc. in the United States and at Thorn EMI/Skala Home Electronics in the Netherlands. Jeroen is a former officer in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps. He holds a BBA degree from Nyenrode Business University and studied for an MBA at the University of Georgia (US).

Nationality: Dutch
Ancillary positions: Trustee of the Vodafone Group Foundation, Board Member of VNO-NCW and Supervisory Board member of PostNL

Ritchy Drost (M, 1974) – CFO (director under the Articles of Association)
Ritchy Drost has been the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since the start of VodafoneZiggo on 1 January 2017. Before that, he was the Chief Financial Officer of Ziggo from 2015 onwards and was a member of the Board of Directors. Ritchy has been employed by Liberty Global since 1999 and has held various roles, including that of CFO of the former European division of Liberty and CFO of UPC Netherlands. After completing his studies in Business Economics, Ritchy worked for a number of years as an auditor at the accountancy firm Arthur Andersen. 

Nationality: Dutch
Ancillary positions: Supervisory Board member, NEMO Science Museum and Board member and treasurer at Stichting Uitmarkt Amsterdam

Fleur van Beem (F, 1977) – Digital Transformation
Fleur van Beem has been Executive Director Digital Transformation since 1 October 2021. Before that, Fleur was Partner at strategic consultancy firm Bain & Company, and advised Dutch and international organisations in the telecommunications and financial sectors. In her role as adviser, Fleur supervised, among other things, the joint venture between Vodafone and Ziggo. Within Bain & Company, Fleur was responsible for the development of expertise in the area of customer experience and customer-led digital transformation, and was very active in the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Fleur has a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Amsterdam.

Nationality: Dutch
Ancillary positions: None

John van Vianen (M, 1969) – Business-to-Business
John van Vianen has been Executive Director Business-to-Business since the start of VodafoneZiggo on 1 January 2017. John has more than twenty years’ experience in technology, media and telecommunications. He held various management positions, before being appointed CEO of iBasis in the United States in 2009. In 2011, John became CEO of KPN Business Market and a member of the Executive Committee of KPN. IT Solutions (formerly Getronics) integrated into KPN under his management. He studied Business Economics, specialising in Marketing, at Tilburg University and completed a Master of Business Administration at Delft University of Technology. In 2014, he completed the New Board Program at Nyenrode Business University.

Nationality: Dutch
Ancillary positions: Board member, Yieldstone and Member of the Advisory Board, Reviva Group.

Marcel de Groot (M, 1967) – Business-to-Consumer
Marcel de Groot has been Executive Director Business-to-Consumer since the start of VodafoneZiggo on 1 January 2017. Before that, Marcel was Director of Consumer Markets at Vodafone Netherlands from 1 February 2016 onwards. He was responsible for all sales communications, marketing communications and marketing activities. Prior to that, he held various marketing roles at Vodafone Netherlands and was Director Business-to-Consumer at Vodafone Ireland for a number of years. Before joining Vodafone, he was Marketing Director at Pon Automotive and held various senior marketing/sales positions at Nuon. He started his career at GlaxoSmithKline. Marcel studied Organisation & Management at the University of Amsterdam.

Nationality: Dutch
Ancillary positions: None

Barbara de Koning Gans (F, 1972) – Customer Operations
Barbara de Koning Gans has been Executive Director Customer Operations since 16 August 2021. Before this, Barbara worked for Rabobank where she was Director Customer Contact Retail Netherlands. Before that, she worked as Chief Commercial Officer at Independer, as General Manager of Bergman Clinics and fulfilled various roles at the ING Group. Her focus is always on ensuring that the voices of both the customers and employees play an important role within the organisation. She studied Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and studied for an MBA in Switzerland.

Nationality: Dutch
Ancillary positions: board member of Stichting Vestingeiland in Naarden

Thomas Mulder (M, 1978) – Human Resources
Thomas Mulder has been Executive Director HR since July 2018. Before joining Vodafone in January 2012, he worked for Accenture, where he was HR Director for the Benelux. Within Vodafone and as part of his HR role, he was responsible for the acquisition of Cable & Wireless Worldwide and for the setting up of Vodafone Group Enterprise. In 2013, he relocated to Germany in order to complete the acquisition and integration of Kabel Deutschland. In 2015, he returned to Vodafone Netherlands, where, as HR Director, he would lead the due diligence process at Ziggo. Once the VodafoneZiggo joint venture had become a reality, he was appointed HR Director of Vodafone Group Enterprise in December 2016. Thomas obtained a Global Executive MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management.

Nationality: Dutch
Ancillary positions: None

Eben Albertyn (M, 1975) – Technology
Eben Albertyn has been Executive Director Technology since the start of VodafoneZiggo on 1 January 2017. Before that, Eben worked at Vodafone Netherlands as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from 1 October 2015 onwards, where he was responsible for the IT landscape and the network. Before relocating to the Netherlands, Eben held various technical roles with telecommunications providers in Africa. These included the position of CTO at MTN in South Africa and Group CTO at Airtel Afrika covering 18 countries. Eben studied at the Rand Afrikaans University in South Africa and holds an MSc in Electronic and Telecoms Engineering.

Nationality: South African
Ancillary positions: None

Barbara de Ridder-Jongerden (F, 1975) – External & Legal Affairs
Barbara de Ridder-Jongerden has been Executive Director External & Legal Affairs since the start of VodafoneZiggo on 1 January 2017. Before that, Barbara was Director Corporate Affairs & Strategy at Vodafone Netherlands from 2014 to 2016. In this role, she was responsible for strategy, security, legal, regulatory and external affairs. Barbara originally joined Vodafone in 2012 as Head of Legal Affairs. Before that, she worked at various companies, including PwC, Buhrmann N.V. and Liberty Global. Barbara studied Dutch Law and Law & Economics at Utrecht University.

Nationality: Dutch
Ancillary positions: Board member of RODAP (Rechtenoverleg voor Distributie van Audiovisuele Producties), board member of GigaEurope, boardroom coach at Talent naar de Top.

Robin Kroes (M, 1975) – Strategy Insights & Integration
Robin Kroes has been Executive Director Strategy, Insights & Integration since the start of VodafoneZiggo on 1 January 2017. Before that, Robin was VP Strategy & Integration at the time of the merger of UPC and Ziggo in 2014. He was responsible, among other things, for market strategy, mergers & acquisitions and market intelligence and also oversaw the integration of UPC and Ziggo. Prior to that, Robin was VP Strategy & Corporate Development and member of the Management Team at UPC Netherlands from March 2012 onwards, where, in addition to being responsible for strategy, he was also responsible for Content and Product Management. While employed by UPC, Robin fulfilled various positions at Chellomedia, including VP Commercial, Operations and Corporate Development. Robin studied Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Nationality: Dutch
Ancillary positions: Chair of the Vodafone Foundation and member of Advisory Board of Kunstmuseum Den Haag

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board advises and supervises the Management Board (under the articles of association). The Supervisory Board consists of eight members: 

  • Three representatives of Liberty Global

  • Three representatives of Vodafone Group

  • Two independent members who are appointed on the recommendation of the Works Council of VodafoneZiggo

Composition of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of the following members (composition on 31 December 2021):

Serpil Timuray (Chair as from 1/1/2022) (F, 1969, Turkish)
 Appointed as from 31-12-2018 until 31-12-2022
 CEO Europe Cluster Vodafone Group

Manuel Kohnstamm (Chair until 1/1/2022) (M, 1962, Dutch)
 Appointed as from 22-03-2019 until 22-03-2023
 Senior Vice President & Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Liberty Global

Baptiest Coopmans (M, 1965, Dutch)
 Appointed as from 31-12-2016 until 31-12-2020, reappointed until 31-12-2022
 Chief Executive Officer UPC Switzerland

Charlie Bracken (M, 1966, British)
 Appointed as from 31-12-2016 until 31-12-2020, reappointed until 31-12-2022
 Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer Liberty Global

Carmen Velthuis (F, 1974, Dutch)
 Appointed as from 31-12-2019 until 31-12-2023
 Finance Director Europe Cluster Vodafone Group

Bettina Karsch (F, 1970, German)
 Appointed as from 31-12-2021 until 31-12-2025
 EU Cluster HR Director Vodafone Group

Huub Willems (M, 1944, Dutch)
 Appointed as from 31-12-2016 until 31-12-2020, reappointed until 31-12-2022
 Professor of Corporate Litigation at the University of Groningen and former chairman of the Enterprise Division of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal

Carla Mahieu (F, 1959, Dutch)
 Appointed as from 22-05-2017 until 22-05-2021, reappointed until 22-05-2023
 Supervisory Board member DSM and Supervisory Board member Arcadis

John Otty stepped down as Supervisory Board member on 31 December 2021.

The Supervisory Board has two committees (composition on 31 December 2021):

  • The Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee: Charlie Bracken (Chair), Baptiest Coopmans, Carmen Velthuis and Serpil Timuray

  • The Remuneration & Nomination Committee: Manuel Kohnstamm (Chair), Charlie Bracken, Bettina Karsch and Serpil Timuray