About this Impact Report

What were the most important developments, achievements and themes for VodafoneZiggo in 2021? With this Impact Report, we will provide our stakeholders with insight into that question. And we will account for the results. We will sketch an honest picture of the past year, in which we will not only highlight things that went well, but also discuss points for improvement and the challenges that still lie before us. The most up-to-date information about the latest developments, projects and programmes can be found on our corporate website www.vodafoneziggo.nl

Design and content

This year, we are reporting once again in line with the Core options of the Global Reporting Initiative Standards, or GRI Standards. This is the most complete and generally accepted guideline for sustainability reporting in the world. We are reporting in line with the General Disclosures 2016 and have included, where possible, specific GRI indicators for each of our material topics. The reporting criteria for our achievements with regard to our environmental impact are internally applied criteria, based on the definitions of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

All of the data reported are taken from our internal measurements, calculations, measurements provided by third parties or internal systems. In cases where we were obliged to use specific methods to perform measurements or to produce estimates, we have explicitly explained that in the accompanying texts. This also applies to any changes have been made to the definitions or to our calculation method in comparison to the years that form the subject of previous reports. In this report, we will only account for our own activities and achievements and will not provide any accountability with regard to the activities of any of our partners or with regard to our impact within the chain. In the event that any acquisitions or divestments have taken place, all of the data will be included from the date of acquisition onwards or up to the date on which the divestment took place, unless otherwise stated.

The structure of this Impact Report is based upon a series of material topics. The contents of the report were established as a result of the efforts of members of the management team with responsibility for the strategy, activities and performance within these material topics. Together with the nine members of the Board of Directors, they determined the structure of the report and provided all of the qualitative and quantitative data for reporting. Our CSR committee will evaluate the contents of the Impact Report and approve the final version. The Corporate Communications & External Engagement department is responsible for the composition, final editing and publication of this Impact Report.

The financial figures presented have been taken from the consolidated financial statements of VodafoneZiggo Group B.V. for the year ending 31 December 2021, prepared in accordance with US GAAP and were audited by KPMG Accountants N.V. on 11 March 2022.

Our ambition

Every year, we strive to achieve an even more transparent and more complete Impact Report, in which we focus on themes to which our stakeholders attach the greatest importance. However well we may succeed in doing so, we will continue to monitor this by means of materiality analyses. In order to clarify exactly what influence we are having on the world around us, we will continue to commission impact studies on a regular basis in the coming years. In addition, we will comply with the new guidelines in the field of reporting, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which will be compulsory for us from the financial year 2023 onwards, and the revised GRI Universal Standards 2021.

If you have any questions about this report or about VodafoneZiggo, please send an e-mail to pers@vodafoneziggo.com


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